Top 5 cheapest destinations where you can enjoy your vacation with low budget

low-budget-travel-destinationsMany of you may be looking for step out your country but confused about the reasonable places. No need to muddle over this topic. We are here to guide you about world’s cheapest holiday destinations. Let’s have a look.

India:- It has always been considered a place where you can explore a lot of things without paying a lot. It is a perfect destination if you wish to make a visit without going beyond the budget. In India, you must see the temples situated all around the country, wildlife sanctuaries and hill stations. Whether it is the fair or staying in hotels, everything is cheap and affordable.


Bolivia:- This place is also called Tibet of the Americas. Here you can go for seeing museums and building having great architecture. Here, food and drink is available at a reasonable price. Visitors will not mind to pay for it. Vising Bolivia will not tease your budget at any rate.


Hungary:- This is another place in this list which hold a great history. When it comes to visit Europe, Hungary cannot be underestimated. Exploring Hungary will not peach your pocket. It is a destination which would be quite affordable for you. Right from travel to food, everything can be managed in minimum budget.


Sri Lanka:- Though this place is small in size but hold a number of places to leave the visitors speechless. It is a perfect place for them who wish to explore cloud-wrapped mountains, waterfalls, palm trees, tea plantation etc., without paying a wide chunk of their hard-earned money.


Vietnam:- It is another place which does not make holes in your pocket. It is super cheap in various aspect including food, hotels, transport, beverage or guest house. Here is a number of things you should visit.


The above mentioned places will add value to your journey. Do forget to share your comments with us. We have been waiting here. Have fun…

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