The 3 Lies You Must Pretended While Traveling


Yes!!! We all love to visit different places, but what about the problems we have to face during the journey. Well!!! There are many unwanted things which you can avoid if lying. Yes!!! Lying is not a good habit, but following this way you would not mind if it can help you to get rid of many unwanted situations.

Do not show if you are new to the place: – If you are in a taxi or cab, then keep in your mind that you do have need to showcase that you aren’t new to this place. Yes!!! If you pretend that you are aware to the roads and the place that means cab/taxi drivers will not ask to pay more than the fair. Apart from it, cab drive will be more careful before serving you wrong information about the place.


You are married or have a boyfriend: – Yes!!! If you are traveling alone then you pretend like having a boyfriend. On the way in a cab/taxi, keep in touch with your boyfriend/husband. If you do not have a boyfriend in your life, then you must pretend.


You do not know about English: – Before traveling any place, you must check out the essential information regarding the place. There are many places which are restricted to some special things and it can be language or any goods. There are many places which do not love the people speaking English. And you get into the unwanted situation then try to take them in confidence that you do not know about English.


What type of lies you pretend at the time of your journey, do not forget to share with us. We have been waiting here.

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