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Places to explore in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is known as one of best cities in the world for tourists. A city, which can be walked, and it is also a pleasure to do so since most of its streets are canals, which run throughout the city and surroundings. It is a cosmopolitan city, which receives hundreds of thousands of tourists a year, who stroll between bicycles, trees, markets, trams and prostitutes at street level, etc.
A city that unites the old and the modern, the antiquity and the vanguards. In short a city that must be visited. We list top places to visit, taking into account that the order of appearance is to list them and there are many others to visit in Amsterdam.
1. Plaza Dam
It is the main square of Amsterdam, occupies the site of the old dam Amstel, around which grew the city. In it you will find, the National Monument, shaped like an obelisk, the Royal Palace, and the Madame Tussauds Museum. The mixture of styles, life, and bustle, are its main values.


2. La Plaza Leidseplein
The La Plaza Leidseplein is one of the most popular centers in the city of Amsterdam for those who want to party. The area has many restaurants, nightclubs, coffee shops, cinemas, and theaters. It is also a very recommendable point to visit during the day as it is always full of street musicians, jugglers, fire eaters and other artists who give life to the square, and often it is a hard show until the early hours. In the warm summer nights, tourists and locals alike take advantage of the warm climate that allows you to have a good time free drinking drinks on its terraces and pubs. If you are traveling in Amsterdam, it is almost compulsory to visit the La Plaza Leidseplein.

La Plaza Leidseplein