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Heritage attractions in Europe

Undoubtedly, Europe is the continent that has the largest number of the most popular and visited monuments in the world. In this post, we will give a review of what we consider are the most important heritage in Europe.

Venice (Italy)

Venice is the jewel of the Veneto region, located in northeastern Italy and formed by 118 picturesque islands connected by channels and bridges. The lagoon of Venice is a masterful architectural work. Our favorite time to visit is in Carnival, but if you prefer a summer getaway, do not go without an excursion to the islands of Murano and Burano.

Venice (Italy)

Mont Saint-Michel (France)

This French municipality is situated on a rocky island of Normandy and has only 44 inhabitants. For many, it is the most impressive heritage site in Europe. Located at the mouth of the Couesnon River, near Avranches, Mont Saint-Michel looks like a floating miracle on the horizon waiting to receive visitors. Charge the battery of the camera and have it ready to capture your beautiful sunsets.

Mont Saint-Michel (France)

Cinque Terre, (Italy)

The five villages that form the Cinque Terre are located on the Ligurian coast and were declared a World Heritage Site in 1997.The rugged terrain of this area provides postcard landscapes with delightful colored cottages that seem to have been carved on the hill. Cinque Terre is famous for its walking routes. Choose the one you choose, remember: first the photo.

Cinque Terre

Geirangerfjord, (Norway)

If you do not go to Norway to see the northern lights, you must go to see its impressive fjords. Unesco has included three of them in its list of World Heritage Sites, but, if you are going for a short time, we recommend that you go to Geirangerfjord. This fjord of blue waters known for its beautiful waterfalls is surrounded by majestic snow-capped peaks and lush green vegetation.