Places to see in Costa Rica

The surprisingly diverse terrain of Costa Rica – lush forests, wildlife reserves and tropical beaches – offers something for every traveler. Beach lovers staying along the Pacific coast should head to Guanacaste and the palm-fringed coastline of the Nicoya Peninsula for sunbathing and surfing. Nature lovers staying in the northern Plains or on the Caribbean coast should visit Puerto Viejo de Talamanca before venturing inland to glide through the cloud forest of Monteverde and walk through the Arenal Volcano. Whether you seek the sun, nature or adventure, there is much to discover in this paradise. Below we have some of the best places you should visit

1. Manuel Antonio National Park

Manuel Antonio National Park

Wildlife, beaches, and fun attract visitors to the Manuel Antonio National Park and the adjacent town of Manuel Antonio. The park is known for its beautiful stretch of sand, forest, and wildlife that inhabits the area. In contrast to this tranquility, is the small town of Manuel Antonio, known for its lively atmosphere. Visitors who can embrace both will find that the area lends itself to a longer stay. The city has many hotels and restaurants and is within walking distance of the park.

2. Arenal Volcano (Volcan Arenal)

Arenal Volcano

The Arenal Volcano National Park is situated at the rugged Cordillera de TilarĂ¡n and is one of the most important volcano observation areas in the country. The main attraction in the park is the Arenal Volcano, which reaches 1,633 meters. It looks like one could imagine a volcano; a cone-shaped mountain with huge columns of ash flowing from the crater.

3. Monteverde and the Cloud Forests

Monteverde and the Cloud Forests

The two main tourist centers of the region are Santa Elena and Monteverde. Here you can easily find some of the best restaurants, accommodation, galleries of artists and shops. You can take the bus to reach here within four hours.


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