Maharaja express the palace on wheel


Though there is a number of things which attract visitors to visit India. And one of them is Maharaja Express. Yes!!! It is a train but fully loaded with incredible luxury and that’s why it is called a “Palace on Wheel”. It was introduced in 1982 to increase the tourism in Rajasthan. It is a great idea which dedicated to art of elegant train traveling in India.


Why Maharaja Express is quite Unique:-

  • Maharajas’ Express is loaded with high-tech pneumatic and hydraulic suspension system which play a wide role to ensure for having a smoother train ride. During riding, you will not feel if you are in a moving train. You will feel as you are sitting in a restaurant.


  • It is quite popular among the visitors and has been votes as the best luxury train journey experience. This train adds India in the list of the countries which are considered perfect to make a visit.


  • Palace on Wheel is quite amazing and serve 2 Suave Restaurant Saloons which is known as Rang Mahal and Mayur Mahal. They hold capacity to serve 44 guests at a time.


  • Here, food is cooked fresh. And the quality of the food is always maintained. In this connection, fresh and find ingredients are used. Apart from food, wine is also served for the guests. Palace on Wheel holds a well-stocked bar having a myriad of wines.


If you are scheduling a visit to India, you must not forget to enjoy a ride in Maharaja Express. You will love it. And wish to ride it again and again. This ride will become quite memorable throughout the life.

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