6 Food you must try in Paris tour

If you are going to Paris and it is first time visit. Then you must go through the whole article in order to know about the best 6 most popular dishes you must try in Paris.


  1. BORDIER BUTTER:- If the name of the dish is very lovely, can you imagine how would it be when taste. Believe me you will fall in love with it. It will blow your mind. It is super rich in flavour.

  2. PAIN AU Chocolate, AND PASTRIES:- It is the taste, you will never forget. If you are upset and wish to jazz up your mood, you must switch to this dish. Whenever you step in Paris, do not forget to take advantage of the superior bread and baked goods.

  3. St. Honore Pastry:- It is also widely popular because of its outstanding decoration. No one can control himself/herself to eat cream puffs, whipped cream and caramelized sugar which make this delicious dish memorable.

  4. Duck confit:- For the non-vegetarian, Duck Confit is a must-to-taste dish. It is made from fresh duck meat. The golden and crisp factors add a great value to this dish.

  5. Baguette:- It is another food widely famous and come in the list of must-to-taste food in Paris.

  6. Raw-milk artisanal cheeses:- Paris serves the mouth-watering dish called Raw-milk artisanal Cheeses especially for them who love milk-made product.

Here, is all you need to know about the delicious food of Paris. Which dish you liked the most, do not forget to share with us.

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