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Top 5 countries for low budget vacations

Many of you may be looking for step out your country but confused about the reasonable places. No need to muddle over this topic. We are here to guide you about world’s cheapest holiday destinations. Let’s have a look.

India:- It has always been considered a place where you can explore a lot of things without paying a lot. It is a perfect destination if you wish to make a visit without going beyond the budget. In India, you must see the temples situated all around the country, wildlife sanctuaries and hill stations. Whether it is the fair or staying in hotels, everything is cheap and affordable.

Vishram Ghat, Mathura

Morning view of Vishram Ghat, where it believed that Lord Krishna rested after killing Kansa.

Vietnam:- It is another place which does not make holes in your pocket. It is super cheap in various aspect including food, hotels, transport, beverage or guest house. Here is a number of things you should visit.


Bolivia:- This place is also called Tibet of the Americas. Here you can go for seeing museums and building having great architecture. Here, food and drink is available at a reasonable price. Visitors will not mind to pay for it. Vising Bolivia will not tease your budget at any rate.


Hungary:- This is another place in this list which hold a great history. When it comes to visit Europe, Hungary cannot be underestimated. Exploring Hungary will not peach your pocket. It is a destination which would be quite affordable for you. Right from travel to food, everything can be managed in minimum budget.


Sri Lanka:- Though this place is small in size but hold a number of places to leave the visitors speechless. It is a perfect place for them who wish to explore cloud-wrapped mountains, waterfalls, palm trees, tea plantation etc., without paying a wide chunk of their hard-earned money.


The above mentioned places will add value to your journey. Do forget to share your comments with us. We have been waiting here. Have fun…

6 Food you must try in Paris tour

If you are going to Paris and it is first time visit. Then you must go through the whole article in order to know about the best 6 most popular dishes you must try in Paris.


  1. BORDIER BUTTER:- If the name of the dish is very lovely, can you imagine how would it be when taste. Believe me you will fall in love with it. It will blow your mind. It is super rich in flavour.

  2. PAIN AU Chocolate, AND PASTRIES:- It is the taste, you will never forget. If you are upset and wish to jazz up your mood, you must switch to this dish. Whenever you step in Paris, do not forget to take advantage of the superior bread and baked goods.

  3. St. Honore Pastry:- It is also widely popular because of its outstanding decoration. No one can control himself/herself to eat cream puffs, whipped cream and caramelized sugar which make this delicious dish memorable.

  4. Duck confit:- For the non-vegetarian, Duck Confit is a must-to-taste dish. It is made from fresh duck meat. The golden and crisp factors add a great value to this dish.

  5. Baguette:- It is another food widely famous and come in the list of must-to-taste food in Paris.

  6. Raw-milk artisanal cheeses:- Paris serves the mouth-watering dish called Raw-milk artisanal Cheeses especially for them who love milk-made product.

Here, is all you need to know about the delicious food of Paris. Which dish you liked the most, do not forget to share with us.

Don’t miss to visit these places while roaming in Tripura

Do you love exploring India? If yes!!! Then we are going to explore about Tripura. This is an incredible place which is widely known for its colorful tribal culture. And for the fun lovers, there is a lot to visit. Let’s have a look.

tripura visiting places

  1. Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary:- This sanctuary is another in this list. It is a perfect place to see Red Jungle Fowl, King Fisher, and Black Drongo and so on.

  2. Rowa Wildlife Sanctuary:- If you are studying or doing research on wildlife, then you must step into a Rowa Wildlife Sanctuary.

  3. Malancha Niwas:- This place belongs to Rabindra Nath Tagore. Later it was converted into a Pucca House. Now it is known as Malancha Niwas.

  4. Tripura Government Museum:- In order to explore historical items including coins, sculpture etc., you must head to the Museum.

  5. Tripura Sundari Temple:- Tripura is also blessed with incredible temples and Tripura Sundari Temple is one of them. It was built in 1501 by king Dhanya Manikya. Since it is associated to Goddess Sati, it holds great value.

  6. Kamalasagar Kali Temple:- As the name show, it associate to deity Durga having 10 hands. The pond of this temple is crystal-clear and very sacred.

  7. Neermahal Palace:- Though there is a number of buildings showing the incredible architecture impressed from Mughal culture but if you wish to go through the fusion of Mughal and Hindu architecture, you must head to Neermahal Palace.

  8. Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary:- Let’s explore the wildlife from a close distance. And it becomes possible if head to Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary. There is a different types of migratory and non-migratory birds.

So, visit all these places and have more fun.

Things to be checkout planing a perfect outing

Visiting places is one of the great ways to get infused with excellent energy. If you wish to spend some quality time with your friends, family then planning a holiday is must. Well!!! Whenever you are going to get refreshed. It is must to plan your holiday. Here, we are sharing some essential tips to follow before stepping out.

Things to be checkout planing a perfect outing

  • Before stepping out, you must keep in mind that how much your pocket can bear? The length of your trip must be as per your budget. To figure out all this, you may take help of various web portal dedicated to tourism.

  • Be sure that the place you choose would be perfect for you. If you are going with your family then you must consult with them.

  • In order to save money during journey, you must prepare a chart of estimate expense. And before splurging, keep in mind that you are not wasting. To keep your hard earned money save, you should keep extra packets of snakes, coffee, water bottle with yourself.

  • Keep all necessary things inside your back right toothbrush, paste, medicine (if taking), things to eat and other things necessary for you.

  • Take your all necessary clothing within your bag.

  • You must not get bored during your journey. Keep you IPad, Camera, Mobile inside your bag safely.

So, what are you waiting for? Follow all these tips and make your journey memorable. If something we have forgotten, then do not forget to share with us. We have been waiting for your reply.

7 Best places to visit in Assam

When it comes about Assam, the lush and green tea garden’s images emerge in the mind. Visitors love to visit Assam as it is overwhelmed with beautiful rivers, lakes, incredible bird sanctuaries, park etc. Today, we are going to shed light over the popular places in Assam.

  1. Agnigarh Hill:- This hill is mind-blowing as it naturally decorated with green plants and beautiful flowers. To get infused with positivity, strolling at this Hill is essential.

agnigarh-hill2.Kamakhya Temple:- There is no one who dost not know about Kamakhya Temple. This enthralling temple is located on Nilachal Hill. Kamakhya Temple is widely popular for its Kamakhya Sindoor.

Kamakhya_temple3.Digboi:- if you are curious to add more to your information, you must head to Digboi Centenary Museum. It is the first oil refinery in Asia. Since it 100 years old, people love to visit it.

Digboi-oil-musium4.Dibru Saikhowa National Park:- This park is widely known for serving incredible wildlife. It is one of the largest parks in Assam.

Dibru Saikhowa National Park5.Orang National Park:- It is another park where you can see elephant, leopard, horned rhinoceros etc. If you love bird-watching then you may go here since it is famous for local and migratory birds both.

Orang National Park6.Haflong Lake:- This Lake is also called the Switzerland of the east because of holding incredible beauty. This lake looks breath-taking since it is surrounded by orange trees, pineapple trees, waterfall, hills, lakes etc.

Haflong Lake7.Kaziranga National Park:- Needless to describe about this popular Nations Park. It is a world heritage site. Here, you can see different types of animals’ tiger, deer, sambar tiger, birds etc. Jeep and elephant safari is available outside it.

Kaziranga National Park

We wish you a very happy journey.