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Top heritage attractions in USA

UNESCO recognizes the title of World Heritage Site to specific sites on the planet that deserve special conservation because of their enormous cultural or natural importance for subsequent generations. A total of 911 emblematic places are cataloged all over the world, of which 20 are located in the territory of the United States, although they are considered to be. We listed some of the top heritage sites of USA.

Mesa Verde National Park

In the state of Colorado is located this complex of 211 square kilometers that houses ruins of the Anasazi people. Constructed in stone, their villages have a great historical interest in the being of the few conserved monuments of the North American indigenous culture. It is known that the Anasazi people lived in the area since the 6th century and left it around 1275 for unknown reasons.

Mesa Verde National Park

Chaco Canyon

Another example of indigenous ruins is that of this National Historical Park located in New Mexico, also belonging to the Anasazi people. Despite being surrounded by an arid environment baptized as The Four Corners, there is a great abundance of native flora and fauna, in addition to the incalculable archaeological value demonstrated by the continuous findings, which forced to expand the park on numerous occasions. For this reason, in 1906 the first law on the protection of antiquities and heritage was approved at the congress.

Chaco Canyon

Carlsbad Caverns National Park

Another monument declared a World Heritage Site in New Mexico is this enclave in the Guadalupe Mountains. Its caves, the deepest in the world, harbor spectacular stalactites and stalagmites, and most of its secrets are still unexplored, attracting thousands of cavers who are slowly discovering new areas in the caves. In some of its 83 independent caves, the depth reaches 500 meters. In others, such as the Carlsbad Cavern, the underground chamber can be accessed by lift.

Carlsbad Caverns National Park

World heritage sites in Africa

World Heritage Site is the title granted by Unesco to specific places of the planet for its exceptional cultural or natural importance that belongs to all humanity and must be conserved and preserved by the international community for future generations.

In spite of the lack of means, the African region (the Arab states are not included) counts on 48 cultural assets, 37 natural and 4 mixed world patrimonies. In addition, approximately 7% of its territory is protected in the form of national parks or nature conservation areas.

And is that the vast continent is very diverse and varied, it is possible to find: wildlife, fascinating beaches, ancient cities, tribes, … the options are many and varied, so we invite you to explore some of the natural heritage of the continent:

Chad – Unianga Lakes

The lakes of Unianga or Ounianga are a series of lakes in the Ennedi region, in north-eastern Chad, in the middle of the Sahara desert. The landscape is exceptional, the dark surfaces of the lakes contrast with the orange color of the dunes. There are 18 lakes divided into two groups: Unianga Kebir Group and Unianga Serir Group. Both cover an area of 62,808 hectares. It is impressive to see how this freshwater lacustrine complex that emanates from underground waters for thousands of years survives in such an arid area.


Senegal – Niokolo-Koba National Park

This area of about 900,000 hectares is located southeast of Senegal, in the Kolda region, in an area of abundant waters along the Gambia River. The Niokolo-Koba National Park is a reserve of fauna and flora in which endangered species live, it will be easy to see hippos, antelopes, monkeys, buffalos and many other species. It contains a wide variety of ecosystems such as gallery forests, savannas and rocky hills that create an impressive landscape, but the best are the sunsets, a thousand purple hues can be seen at the end of the day

Senegal - Niokolo-Koba National Park

Ethiopia – Simen National Park

Simen National Park is one of the national parks of Ethiopia. It is located in the west of the Simen Mountains, 120 km northeast of Gondar. It has an area of 16,500 hectares and occupies a rocky plateau with impressive slopes that lead to valleys full of vegetation and vast plains where extremely rare animal species live. The mountainous landscape is spectacular and allows hiking in a unique environment.

Ethiopia - Simen National Park

Places to see in Costa Rica

The surprisingly diverse terrain of Costa Rica – lush forests, wildlife reserves and tropical beaches – offers something for every traveler. Beach lovers staying along the Pacific coast should head to Guanacaste and the palm-fringed coastline of the Nicoya Peninsula for sunbathing and surfing. Nature lovers staying in the northern Plains or on the Caribbean coast should visit Puerto Viejo de Talamanca before venturing inland to glide through the cloud forest of Monteverde and walk through the Arenal Volcano. Whether you seek the sun, nature or adventure, there is much to discover in this paradise. Below we have some of the best places you should visit

1. Manuel Antonio National Park

Manuel Antonio National Park

Wildlife, beaches, and fun attract visitors to the Manuel Antonio National Park and the adjacent town of Manuel Antonio. The park is known for its beautiful stretch of sand, forest, and wildlife that inhabits the area. In contrast to this tranquility, is the small town of Manuel Antonio, known for its lively atmosphere. Visitors who can embrace both will find that the area lends itself to a longer stay. The city has many hotels and restaurants and is within walking distance of the park.

2. Arenal Volcano (Volcan Arenal)

Arenal Volcano

The Arenal Volcano National Park is situated at the rugged Cordillera de TilarĂ¡n and is one of the most important volcano observation areas in the country. The main attraction in the park is the Arenal Volcano, which reaches 1,633 meters. It looks like one could imagine a volcano; a cone-shaped mountain with huge columns of ash flowing from the crater.

3. Monteverde and the Cloud Forests

Monteverde and the Cloud Forests

The two main tourist centers of the region are Santa Elena and Monteverde. Here you can easily find some of the best restaurants, accommodation, galleries of artists and shops. You can take the bus to reach here within four hours.