7 Best places to visit in Assam

When it comes about Assam, the lush and green tea garden’s images emerge in the mind. Visitors love to visit Assam as it is overwhelmed with beautiful rivers, lakes, incredible bird sanctuaries, park etc. Today, we are going to shed light over the popular places in Assam.

  1. Agnigarh Hill:- This hill is mind-blowing as it naturally decorated with green plants and beautiful flowers. To get infused with positivity, strolling at this Hill is essential.

agnigarh-hill2.Kamakhya Temple:- There is no one who dost not know about Kamakhya Temple. This enthralling temple is located on Nilachal Hill. Kamakhya Temple is widely popular for its Kamakhya Sindoor.

Kamakhya_temple3.Digboi:- if you are curious to add more to your information, you must head to Digboi Centenary Museum. It is the first oil refinery in Asia. Since it 100 years old, people love to visit it.

Digboi-oil-musium4.Dibru Saikhowa National Park:- This park is widely known for serving incredible wildlife. It is one of the largest parks in Assam.

Dibru Saikhowa National Park5.Orang National Park:- It is another park where you can see elephant, leopard, horned rhinoceros etc. If you love bird-watching then you may go here since it is famous for local and migratory birds both.

Orang National Park6.Haflong Lake:- This Lake is also called the Switzerland of the east because of holding incredible beauty. This lake looks breath-taking since it is surrounded by orange trees, pineapple trees, waterfall, hills, lakes etc.

Haflong Lake7.Kaziranga National Park:- Needless to describe about this popular Nations Park. It is a world heritage site. Here, you can see different types of animals’ tiger, deer, sambar tiger, birds etc. Jeep and elephant safari is available outside it.

Kaziranga National Park

We wish you a very happy journey.

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