6 Things to do in Konark trip


Konark is one of the popular destinations to visit in India. If you are scheduling a visit to Konark then you must go through the blog as we are serving the top 6 things to do in Konark. Have a look.

The top 6 Things to do in Konark :-

  1. If you are a foodie, Konark will not let you down. There is a number of places to taste delicious things. While visiting Konark do not forget to taste Dahi Baigana, Dahi Machha, Dahi Bhindi, Khatta, Gulab Jamun, Dahi Badi, Rasgulla, Chhenapodapitha, Pakhala, Dali, Mandia Jau, wide array of variety of seafood, Chinese and continental.

  2. If you are looking for a shopping destination in Konark, there is a number of shopping stores. You will catch them easily. Konark is widely known for its beautiful handcrafted items. You may buy them to serve your loved one. Here, you can also buy the painting and statues of Hindu Gods. The decorative items made fo wood and stone are also high in demand. You may purchase to give your house a different look

  3. Do not forget to take part in different festival to make your journey memorable throughout the life. Chandrabhaga Mela is one of the prominent and popular both. Since it is celebrated in the month of February, you have to make your visit in February to take part in this festival.

  4. Konark is blessed with incredible and breathtaking beaches. They have restaurants and local dhabas to serve delicious food.

  5. Do not forget to make a visit to widely known Sun Temple, Archaeological Site Museum, Ramachandi Temple, Kuruma, Astranga, Chandrabhaga Sea Beach, RamaChandi Beach, Vishnu Temple.

  6. Not only this, if you have spare time, you must make a stroll pipli, puri and Bhubaneswar.

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